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Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes & Tubes Available in Size range: 1/2” Sch 5 through to 6″ Sch 40

High Quality Nickel Alloy Pipes Available for Immediate Delivery from MSI Fittings

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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, MSI Fittings (Pipes & Tubes Division) is a global supplier of nickel alloy seamless pipes and nickel alloy tubes commonly known as high temperature pipes. Our nickel alloy seamless pipes product range comprises of a wide range of alloys including Nickel 200/201 Pipes, Inconel® Pipes, Monel® Tubes, Incoloy® Tubes, Hastelloy® Pipes – Alloy 200, Alloy 400, Alloy 600, Alloy 625, Alloy 800, Alloy 825, Alloy C-276. MSI Fittings is India’s most trusted processor and supplier of nickel alloy pipes, nickel alloy tubes and nickel tubing’s in both seamless and welded form. Many of our products are supplied for applications in the following industries: Power general, Chemical and etrochemical, Oil and Gas, Environmental –waste incineration and waste treatment, Food processing, Coal and Gas processing, Fertilizer production, etc.

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We at MSI Fittings are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a qualitative range of Nickel Alloy Pipes and Tubes in Mumbai, India, that are being designed as per the national and international standard quality standards. Nickel base alloys offer high strength, high temperature and heat resistance. With grades such as Nickel Alloy 200 and Nickel Alloy 201, we manufacturer and distribute a wide variety of these nickel alloy pipes and tubes to suit an endless array of modern applications.

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Our nickel alloy pipes and tube products can be offered in seamless, welded or welded and cold drawn form, depending on the alloy you require. Our seamless and welded tubes size range starts at 1/2” NB or OD size and goes up to 6″ NB and OD.

We can offer nickel alloy tubing in random lengths of up to 6meters long or cut to a specific length as ordered. Nickel pipes and tubes are largely used for piping in the caustic soda, food processing and hydrochloric plants.

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Meanwhile, these pipes & tubes are available in different sizes, specification & thickness as per the clients’ customized requirements. We also offer the same in quite reasonable rates to our valuable customers.

We Export Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes in Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt etc.

Nickel Pipes & Tubes Specification

Size : 1/8″NB TO 30″NB IN
Standards : ASTM / ASME
Grades : UNS 2200 (Nickel 200), UNS 2201 (Nickel 201)
Length : Double Random, Single Random, Cut Length
Type : Seamless, Welded, Fabricated, ERW, LSAW Pipes
Form : Round, Rectangular, Hydraulic, Square

Application of Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes, Tubing and Welded Pipes

  • Nickel 200/201 Pipes/Tubes: Caustic Soda, Food Processing, Hydrochloric Plants
  • Monel® Alloy 400 Pipes/Tubes: Process Vessels, Heat Exchanger Tubing, Storage Tanks
  • Inconel® Alloy 600, Alloy 625 Pipes: Chemical Industry, Pulp, & Paper Manufacturing, Heat Exchangers, Process Piping
  • Hastelloy® C-276 Pipes/Tubes: Chemical Process Equipments, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Heat Exchangers, Process Piping, Valves, Pumps

Popular Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes and Tubes Grades

Nickel Alloys Trade Name* UNS # Specifications
Alloy 200 Pipes, Tubes Nickel 200 Pipes, Tubes N02200 B/SB161
Alloy 201 Pipes, Tubes Nickel 201 Pipes, Tubes N02201 B/SB161
Alloy 400 Pipes, Tubes Monel® 400 Pipes, Tubes N04400 B/SB165
Alloy 600 Pipes, Tubes Inconel® 600 Pipes, Tubes N06600 B/SB167
Alloy 625 Pipes, Tubes Inconel® 625 Pipes, Tubes N06625 B/SB444
Alloy 800 Pipes, Tubes Incoloy® 800 Pipes, Tubes N08800 B/SB407
Alloy 800H Pipes, Tubes Incoloy® 800H Pipes, Tubes N08810 B/SB407
Alloy 800HT Pipes, Tubes Incoloy® 800HT Pipes, Tubes N08811 B/SB407
Alloy 825 Pipes, Tubes Incoloy® 825 Pipes, Tubes N08825 B/SB423

* Refer Trademarks Notice

Some of the names used in our website are trade names and/or trademarks of specific manufacturers. MSI Fittings is not affiliated with any manufacturer(s). Supplies would be made to meet customer specifications from any of the available source(s).

Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes, Nickel Alloy Tubes and Nickel Alloy Tubing’s Supply, Stock Range

We can offer ex-stock supply of most of the standard size nickel alloy pipes and nickel alloy tubes. Custom size (thickness x OD) nickel alloy pipes can be offered with short delivery times to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Products OD WT Length
Inch MM Inch MM Ft max. Mt max.
Tube 1/2’’-3’’ 12.0-76.2 0.02’’-0.5’’ 0.5-12.0 105’ 32.00
Pipe NPS1/2’’-6’’ 21.34-168.3 Sch10-Sch80 2.11-12.7 98’ 30.00

Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes and Tubes Chemical Composition

Grade Ni Cr Mo Fe Cu Mn C Si Al S P Others
UNS N04400 63 min. 2.5 max. 28.0-34.0 2.0 max. 0.3 max. 0.5 max. 0.024 max.
UNS N06600 72.0 min. 14.0-17.0 6.0-10.0 0.5 max. 1.0 max. 0.15 max. 0.5 max. 0.015 max.
UNS N06690 58.0 min. 27.0-31.0 7.0-11.0 0.5 max. 0.5 max. 0.05 max. 0.5 max. 0.015 max.
UNS N06693 remainder 27.0-31.0 2.5-6.0 0.5 max. 1.0 max. 0.15 max. 0.5 max. 2.5-4.0 0.01 max. Ti: 1.0 max.
UNS N06625 58.0 min. 20.0-23.0 8.0-10.0 5.0 max. 0.5 max. 0.1 max. 0.5 max. 0.4 max. 0.015 max. 0.01max. Nb+Ta: 3.15-4.15

Co: 1.0 max.

Ti: 0.40 max.

UNS N08800 30.0-35.0 19.0-23.0 39.5 min. 0.75 max. 1.5 max. 0.1 max. 1.0 max. 0.15-0.6 0.015ma.
UNS N08825 38.0-46.0 19.5-23.5 2.5-3.5 22.0 min. 1.5-3.0 1.0 max. 0.05 max. 0.5 max. 0.2 max. 0.03 max.
UNS N08028 30.0-34.0 26.0-28.0 3.0-4.0 remainder 0.6-1.4 2.5 max. 0.03 max. 1.0 max. 0.03 max. 0.03 max.
UNS N08926 24.0-26.0 19.0-21.0 6.0-7.0 remainder 0.5-1.5 2.0 max. 0.02max. 0.5 max. 0.01 max. 0.03 max. N2: 0.15-0.25
UNS N08904 23.0-28.0 19.0-23.0 4.0-5.0 remainder 1.0-2.0 2.0 max. 0.02 max. 1.0 max. 0.035ma. 0.045 max.
UNS N10276 remainder 15.0-16.5 15.0-17.0 4.0-7.0 1.0 max. 0.01 max. 0.08max. 0.01 max. 0.015 max Co: 2.5 max.

W: 3.0-4.0

V: 0.1-0.3

Types of Ni Alloy Pipes and Tubes
200 Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes Nickel Alloy UNS N02200 Pipes
Nickel Alloy Pipes Exporter Nickel Alloy Tubes Suppliers
Nickel Alloy 200 Pipes Dealer Nickel Alloy 201 Tubes
Nickel DIN 2.4066 Pipes Manufacturer Nickel Alloy Rectangular Pipes and Tubes
Nickel Alloy 201 EFW Piping Manufacturer Nickel Alloy 200 ERW Tubes Stockist
Nickel Alloy 200 Welded Pipes Exporter Nickel Alloy 201 Seamless Tubes Stockist in India
Nickel Seamless Pipes Nickel Seamless Tubes
Nickel Alloy Square Tubes Nickel Alloy Round Piping
Nickel Pipes Stockholder Grade 200/201 Nickel Seamless Piping